Software Development

Next to tailor-made solutions, Genius provides a number of user-friendly standard software packages.

VENICE Accountancy, Invoicing and stock

C-Logic Venice Accountancy, Invoicing and Stock are performing and up-to-date software packages for double-entry bookkeeping, and the management of your invoicing and stock.

Make time for your core business

Paperwork and accounting jobs claim a great part of your precious time. Time you prefer to spent on your clients. How small or big your company may be, our modular solutions will free your time. In collaboration with C-Logic, we install Venice, performing software for bookkeeping, invoicing and stock management.

Venice Accountancy

Venice Accountancy is software for bookkeeping that meets all legal requirements whether it is the bookkeeping of a small or middle-sized company or a big organisation. Clear surveys and the option to extract data make Venice Accountancy a vital source of information for the observance of every situation your company may be in.

Venice Invoicing & Stock

The very complete software of Venice Invoicing & Stock allows you to set up quickly and efficiently quotations, invoices and credit notes. The situation of your stock is immediately updated during every set up of documents. A tool that allows you to personalize every commercial agreement with every customer is at your disposal.

The unlimited possibilities of Venice Comptabilité, Invoicing & stock

  • Importation of 'Purchases', 'Sales', 'Finances' and 'Sundries'.
  • Presence of templates for the data of companies, clients, providers and financial companies.
  • Vital auxiliary files for currencies, countries, postal codes and exchange rates.
  • Standard accounting systems are provided ready to use, fully adjustable for your specific needs.
  • Unlimited creation of books, each with its own numbering.
  • Possibility to label items in 6 different languages.
  • Every item can be linked up to an image.
  • Choice between a stock management by an item or by a group of items, by means of a classification of several articles in one single stock item.
  • Automatic or manual price adjustments by item are possible.
  • Alert function in case of insufficient stocks.
  • Alert function in case of insufficient stocks.
  • A clear overview of who paid and who didn't.

As it is the case in accountancy, several options are available in Venice Invoicing & Stock. You compose by yourself the most suitable combination that complies with your personal needs.

Tailor-made software

Genius develops tailor-made software packages for your company. We take in charge the implementation and the interconnection with your existing configuration. User-friendliness is a priority. Expansion is possible as we always think ahead.

Genius develops made to measure software in a Microsoft C#.NET environment, an umbrella framework that guarantees a faultless cooperation between applications and databases written in different computer languages. The system can also always be kept up to date through the Internet.

MySQL and Microsoft SQL database management also are no longer secrets for Genius. Thoses systems allow the user to communicate interactively with the server.

Genius Incident Management System (GIMS)

our internal Incident Management System turned out to be such a useful application, that we transformed it into a software package for IT-related companies. It is a ticket system that clearly keeps up with the history of a complete working process. Automated numbering or a survey of operators and the actual achieved working-hours are just a few skills. The system is also coupled with a knowledge base which is easy for future queries.

Genius has a helpdesk, at your service 7d/7.

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