Payment Solutions

Electronic banking gains ground. Means of payment like the cheque and the paper remittance go quickly out of fashion. As a business partner of Isabel and CCV, Genius integrates a high accounting efficiency within your company.

Genius and Isabel Inc, business partners for electronic banking

The partnership between Genius and Isabel Inc exists for many years and offers a lot of advantages. Our customers can rely on a quick and correct support.

Isabel 6

Our customers like to focus on items in which they provide a high surplus value. This is logical. Isabel is software that helps when you don't see the financial wood for the trees.

Isabel is a platform between a major network of the most important banks in which their electronic services communicate through one integrated solution. By using Isabel, banks can communicate with their customers and colleagues. Further more; customers of Isabel can manage their invoicing among their selves through Zoomit. Isabel is also an electronic counter for companies and the government. On line communication with the National Bank of Belgium, the Social Security or FPS Finance is possible thanks to Isabel OfficeSign.

The advantages of Isabel

  • All transactions on all of your accounts with all of your banks. You no longer need to connect to three or more programs to manage your accounts on line.
  • SEPA remittances or direct debits.
  • An immediate survey of your financial situation. Just one click to select the account with sufficient credit to transfer an amount.
  • Only one query to check if your customer has paid or not.
  • You have the managerial control of the access rights to accounts and limits by the operation. And you can always check who entered, signed and transferred an operation.
  • Exportation of reports to Excel or pdf format.
  • Isabel 6 saves all data safely and centrally, no more problems with back-ups.
  • Isabel OfficeSign allows you to sign and present electronically declarations such as Interact, Finprof, Dimona, annually accounts, etc. to the government.

SEPA. Is your company ready?

All companies have to make the change-over to SEPA on January 1st. 2011. From now on all remittances are made in the Single Euro Payments format or shortly SEPA. Every company has to adapt its payment system. Genius takes care of a smooth implementation of SEPA within your company. Or for the change-over to the newest Isabel 6 version without bother for your financial transactions.

The advantages of SEPA

  • European uniform rules.
  • Same standards and procedures all over Europe.
  • The same time schedule for the completion of payments.
  • Easy centralisation of cash management.
  • A European offer to providers.

SEPA simplifies all payments within Europe a lot and offers an enormous surplus value. SEPA leads to an optimisation of the entire financial assimilation procedure. Next to the guidance of the SEPA implementation, Genius also guarantees the integration of the existing ERP packages.

CCV pay terminals, paying safely in a trice

Cash money is out of fashion, the credit card is trendy. Electronic payments are handy, quick and save. Therefore most merchants prefer a handy pay terminal. Genius is a CCV Premium Provider. As a customer, you also take advantage of this. Genius supplies and installs your CCV pay terminal and your computer system.

The offer

There are different models available.

  • CCV POS is a Genius computer-controlled CCV certified payment model.
  • CCV Smart is a counter model that takes care of rapid transactions through the Internet.
  • CCV Mobile allows you to go to the customer: at his table, at home, in the car. No more search for small change. You always have your till with you.
  • CCV Budget is the basic model, ideal for a first acquaintance with CCV.

The advantages of the CCV payment terminals.

  • Safety | Less cash money in the company reduces the risk for a hold-up.
  • Gain of time | No loss of time anymore with counting notes and small changes. Administration goes quickly.
  • User-friendly | No more money transports to the bank.
  • Faultless | No more miscalculations, the payment terminal adds everything and gives a perfect survey.
  • Prompt and larger sales | More sales, because people are not longer restricted to the money they have on them.