Infrastructure Services

Genius installs and maintains networks and servers with a strong focus on consolidation and virtualisation. We start by analyzing and structuring your needs and wishes. Then we propose to you the most suitable IT solution.

Server consolidation and virtualisation

A lot of companies or organizations don't use the full capacity of their server. This is a pity, such a waste of energy and space. When using the full capacity of servers, it is possible to reduce the number of servers or server locations. Genius guides you through the complete restructure of your server park.

What is server consolidation?

Server consolidation is the first step towards a more efficient, rational and flexible IT environment, which constantly offers you services of a constant superior quality. Consolidation is a complete package with hardware, software and system management rules that connect everything imperceptible.
Genius is an IBM business partner and partner of VMWare & Citrix. Therefore, we can assist you with high qualified advice, an extensive knowledge and excellent hardware.

The advantages of server consolidation

  • Higher efficiency through optimization of your existing IT-infrastructure.
  • Lower TCO (less costs of management)
  • You require less space
  • Eco-friendly
  • Improved access to applications.
  • Easy to manage

Genius provides support in the 4 phases of the consolidation process:

  • Centralisation : transferring existing servers to a smaller number of locations.
  • Physical consolidation: replacing smaller servers in the same architecture by less but more powerful servers.
  • Data integration: connecting physically an extensive number of data in one single warehouse.
  • Application integration: migrating several applications to a new platform.

Server virtualisation

Genius optimises the number of servers your company needs by server virtualisation. A virtual server provides you with all the advantages of a physical server, without the investment and maintenance a physical one imposes. Genius works with professionals as VMWare or Citrix, worldwide leaders in the domain of virtualisation.

What is server virtualisation?

Server virtualisation is the installation of physically non existing environments on a physical server. Normally, a computer only runs one single operating system, for example MS Windows, Mac OS or Linux. Virtualisation software enables to operate different systems at the same time on one server.

Advantages of server virtualisation

  • Several virtual machines : different virtual machines can work independent of each other on one single server
  • Space saving : the number of physical machines is reduced
  • Costs saving: as you only need one physical machine, energy consumption decreases.Improved protection: virtualisation provides a larger protection of your data.

Computer & thinclient

Genius provides and installs all possible computers, from PC tablets to thinclient. Of course, we also supply printers in all possible configurations. Ask for our conditions.

Installation team & helpdesk

Genius installs your system from A to Z. When we go out of doors, everything functions properly. If you have any questions after the installation, you can always reach our helpdesk, 7 days a week.