Genius technology solutions

creative and innovative IT since 1999


Genius, started in 1999 as a computer sales company for small and businesses, delivers today state-of-the-art technology solutions. As well hardware as software solutions. Software on demand 'tailor-made' is daily business to us, even the research and the development of special hardware design is what we do if such is needed for the project. From analysis and projectmanagement to productdevelopment, from installation to after sales service.

Genius delivers complete office solutions; from telephone wiring to a PABX and an internetconnection and IP telephony, from printserver to webserver, from printer to computer, copiers and scanners.
Genius is no server nor computer manufacturer but does take care that the hardware that goes out, have great performances within a high-capacitive network she builts.

No solution without software.
Each company or organisation has the need to translate their work-flow to a computer system, accountancy and invoicing, from purchase salesmanagement, from an offer to point of sales. Genius offers organisations up till 250 users a tailor-made solution. whether if we talk about a nice website, the management of corporate email and calendar, the making of
an offer, the scanning out for delivery of the products, the invoicing or the payment of the invoice.

Genius forsees in the permanent support of all her installations with a servicedesk, available within and after business hours and also, when needed in the weekends.

Genius chooses for strong partnerships like with Lenovo, Belgacom and CCV.
Our certifications, "Microsoft certified partner" and "VMWare professional partner" shows that we play at home in each type of network, our core focus is the small and medium businesses.

As "IBM Business Partner" we guarantee a professional support to any computer infrastructure.
As "CCV Premium Provider" and "Isabel Business Partner" Genius shows to be a solid partner for al your electronic payment solutions.

Nico Deleu, founder